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Nokia Lumia 1020 release date, price and specs in the UK: When can I get the

PC Advisor: Nokia has announced that the Lumia 1020 is now available to pre-order with a release date of 25 September with Three, O2, Vodafone, EE, Phones 4U & Carphone Warehouse. Customers pre-ordering the cameraphone will get a free Nokia Camera Grip, ...
Nokia Lumia 720 mid-range smartphone outed

- 1 week ago @ Images of a new mid-range handset from the Microsoft-owned firm leak online.

Nokia Lumia 530 (T-Mobile)

- 5 days ago @ Last year, Nokia saw success with the Lumia 520/521, the best-built, best-performing smartphone under $100 prepaid. Now it's back with a follow-up, the $49.99-$79.20 Lumia 530. The 530 is best understood as a good voice phone with light Internet and ...

HTC Desire 820 vs Nokia Lumia 830: Which Smartphone is Better?; Design

- 4 days ago @ After its launch last September, Nokia Lumia 830 got a lot of positive reviews. Compared to its predecessor, Lumia 820, the newly released Nokia flagship smartphone possess improved specs. PCadvisor cited that the phone boosts with better camera ...

Nokia Lumia 530 review: Decent phone, but nothing to make the parents proud

- 4 days ago @ Its roots can be traced all the way back to the 510, the first of the three affordable models released in the Lumia series. Then came along the 520, a major upgrade over its predecessor, which was the highest selling Nokia Lumia phone in 2013. Without ...



Nokia Out, Microsoft Lumia In?

Bidness ETC: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is reportedly contemplating plans to entirely phase out the Nokia brand from its upcoming line of smartphones. The software giant is ready to rebrand the Nokia Lumia series as “Microsoft Lumia,” to simultaneously cash in on ...

Nokia confirms upcoming device rebrand to 'Microsoft Lumia'

Daily Mail: A report by The Verge says Microsoft is preparing to axe the Nokia name. The change by the Washington firm will see phones simply called Microsoft Lumia from now on (Lumia 730 shown). Both the Nokia brand name and Windows Phone are being dropped ...

Microsoft officially lays Nokia name to rest, embraces 'Lumia' for Windows Phones

PCWorld: It's been a long time coming, but Microsoft is officially phasing out the Nokia brand name. A post on Nokia France's Facebook page says that the account will soon change its name to “Microsoft Lumia.” Nokia France's Twitter account linked to the post ...

Lumia 1320 vs Lumia 830: Which is the Better Nokia Smartphone?; A Brief

Hallels: So let us see if Nokia Lumia 1320 and Lumia 830 have the trademarks that Nokia and Microsoft would want their smartphones to have. Here is a brief yet comprehensive comparison of the two Windows phone according to reports from Ordoh, Phone Arena ...

Nokia Lumia 735: Budget smartphone for the selfie generation [Review]

Nokia is coming to the end of the road as a name in phone making, and the brand will likely get subsumed into owner Microsoft in the not too distant future. With Nokia phones already well and truly part of the Windows Phone stable, you won't be surprised to learn that the Lumia 735 runs Windows Phone 8.1. Nor will its general looks be any surprise -- it is a straightforward Nokia monolith. But ...

Goodbye, Nokia Lumia—Hello, Microsoft Lumia

ReadWrite: It seems sudden: The Nokia name was emblazoned right on the front of the Nokia Lumia 730 and 830, unveiled just last month. But the writing has long been on the wall. The Redmond, Wash.-based corporation, which bought the Finnish company's devices ...

Lumia 830 lands locally, priced at Php18, 990

One of the latest additions to Microsoft’s Windows Phone lineup, the Lumia 830, has officially reached our shore. Nokia Lumia 830 specs: 5-inch ClearBlack HD display, 1280×720 @ 293ppi 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core CPU Adreno 305 GPU 1GB RAM Expandable 16GB internal storage Supports up to 128GB Micro-SD card 10MP PureView Sensor with Zeiss Optics […] The post Lumia 830 lands locally, priced at ...

Microsoft Lumia to replace brand Nokia

Microsoft has reportedly declared that Microsoft Lumia is the new brand name that will replace Nokia as the software maker.


Lumia 620


Lumia 1020


Lumia 820



Kindle Fire Hd


Iphone 6




Lg G3



Nokia Lumia Is Dead, Long Live THE "Microsoft" Lumia

Know Your Mobile: In the coming weeks the Nokia Lumia brand is to be officially renamed Microsoft Lumia with all upcoming products taking on the mantle. A post on the Nokia France Facebook page makes the news official for the first time. When translated, the post reads, ...

Nokia Brand Culled as Microsoft Lumia Steps Up

According to a report published in GeekonGadgets that quotes an internal Microsoft document, future Lumia smartphones will be devoid of Nokia and Windows Phone branding, and be labelled 'Windows' devices. This means the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, ...

Microsoft officially replaces Nokia name with Lumia

Times of India: The rebranding exercise will start with France with the company's regional social network accounts set to being renamed from Nokia to Microsoft Lumia. It communicated the same via a Facebook post. Nokia France's Twitter account also posted a link to ...

Nokia Brand Culled as Microsoft Lumia Steps In

According to a report published in GeekonGadgets (that quotes an internal Microsoft document), future Lumia devices will not only be devoid of the Nokia brand name and logo, but these devices are also expected to forgo the 'Windows Phone' branding and ...

Nokia devices rebranded as Microsoft Lumia

As a direct consequence of Microsoft's 2013 acquisition of the Finnish group's mobile devices division, the Nokia name will soon be phased out and replaced by Microsoft Lumia, according to The Verge. The new name echoes that of Nokia's Windows Phone device range sold since 2011.

Nokia Lumia 830 Philippines Price Php 18, 990, Specs, Release Date, Features

Sure, Nokia Lumia 830 's display and internal specifications are largely the same as that of Android smartphones by our local players that sell for less than Php 6,000 -- but we have to keep in mind that this handset's Windows Phone operating system - just like iOS - doesn't really need powerhouse hardware to deliver a smooth and enjoyable touch experience. Microsoft promises a "fast and smooth ...

End of an era: Nokia Lumia to become Microsoft Lumia

Gradual transition from Nokia name to Microsoft Lumia to begin in the coming days


Microsoft Lumia will replace the Nokia brand

The Verge: Microsoft started dropping hints about its plans to kill off the Nokia and Windows Phone brands last month, and now the company is ready to make it official. Microsoft Lumia is the new brand name that takes the place of Nokia for the software maker ...

Nokia Lumia 520 Vs Nokia Lumia 610: Show Down Of The Two Low-Cost Lumia

Franchise Herald: Th Lumia 610 runs in a Cortex A5 processor (800 MHz ARM) and supported a Snapdragon MSM7227A chipset from Qualcomm. Powered by a 256 MB of RAM with 8GB of internal storage capacity and runs on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS.

HTC Desire Eye vs Nokia Lumia 735 comparison: What's the best smartphone

PC Advisor: Microsoft is marketing its Lumia 735 as the ultimate smartphone for taking selfies, but before the Windows Phone even went on sale HTC one-upped it with the 13Mp Desire Eye. Here we compare the specs to see which phone is the better deal, plus which is ...

Nokia Lumia 735 camera hands-on with Camera App The Nokia Lumia 735 is an affordable mid-range smartphone based around a 4.7-inch display and running Windows Phone 8.1. It packs in a 6.7-Megapixel camera with LED Flash and ZEISS optics but how well does it handle? Find out with our Nokia Lumia ...

REPORT: Microsoft Is Axing Nokia's Name From Its Smartphone Brand (MSFT)

Upcoming Lumia Windows Phone devices will no longer be released under the Nokia brand, according to a new report from The Verge . Instead, devices will be labeled as Microsoft Lumia going forward.

Microsoft to rebrand Nokia to Microsoft Lumia: Report

As hinted earlier, Microsoft is ready to rebrand the Nokia and Windows Phone monikers. The company will be using Microsoft Lumia instead of Nokia Lumia, it confirmed to The Verge.

REPORT: Microsoft Is Axing Nokia’s Name From Its Smartphone Brand

Steve Kovach/Business Insider The Nokia Lumia 928 Upcoming Lumia Windows Phone devices will no longer be released under the Nokia brand, according to a new report from The Verge. Instead, devices will be labeled as Microsoft Lumia going forward. The move doesn’t come as too much of a surprise since Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile devices division in April for $7.2 billion. At the same time ...


Tech Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Nokia Lumia 730

Livemint: Why Samsung would launch a second smartphone (the Samsung Galaxy Alpha) priced so close to its flagship Galaxy S5 (currently retailing at around Rs.37,000) is perplexing. Meanwhile, even though Microsoft now owns Nokia, the latest Lumia phone range ...

Nokia Lumia 1320 Vs Samsung Galaxy Grand 2: Make The Wiser Choice

KDramaStars: For design and display, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 has a 5,25-inch TFT capacitive touch screen that is rendering 720×1280 pixels, while the Nokia Lumia 1320 is brought to the light with a 6-inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen that renders the same ...

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha vs Lumia 930 vs Xperia Z3 Compact: Specifications

International Business Times, India Edition: Prospective consumers, who are looking for palm friendly high-end smartphones with one-hand operable flexibility, might be interested in Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Apple iPhone 6, Nokia Lumia 930 and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. To get a better perspective on ...

HTC Desire 820 vs Nokia Lumia 830: Which Smartphone is Better?; Design

Hallels: After its launch last September, Nokia Lumia 830 got a lot of positive reviews. Compared to its predecessor, Lumia 820, the newly released Nokia flagship smartphone possess improved specs. PCadvisor cited that the phone boosts with better camera ...

Lumia 530 Coming to T-Mobile & Cricket as an iPhone 6 Alternative

The Lumia 530, Microsoft's newest foray into the ultra-cheap smartphone space is coming to T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless as an iPhone 6 alternative in just a few weeks. Cricket Wireless and T-Mobile announced their ...

Nokia Lumia 1520 VS iPhone 6 Plus: Comparison of Price & Design

In that case, Microsoft's Lumia 1520 tablet gives a really tough competition to iPhone 6 Plus. The tablet and iPhone 6 has almost the similar size. The company has specially designed this tablet to fill the space of smartphone ...

iPhone 6 vs. Nokia Lumia Icon: Which is Better? | Digital Trends

There's a big difference between the iPhone 6 and the Nokia Lumia Icon on paper, but there has always been a performance gap between the iPhone and other smartphones when you just look at the numbers. It's the features ...


Nokia Lumia 1320 vs Lumia 1520 Features, Specs, Price, Display: A

Hallels: The Windows smartphone from Microsoft has faced great challenge against Andriod smartphones. Besides HTC, Nokia Lumia has been constantly trying to enhance the popularity of Windows OS phones with their releases. Today let's have review on two ...

Microsoft Lumia Will Be Microsoft's New Smartphone Brand

Geeky gadgets (blog): Microsoft has been continuing to use the Nokia Lumia brand since it bought Nokia's mobile phone business in a deal which was worth $7.5 billion. Microsoft has now confirmed the official name of their Windows Phones, Microsoft Lumia will be the brand ...

Gadget review: The Nokia Lumia 830 is an expensive beauty

Mid-Day: With its brushed aluminium finish, stylish metal buttons and a soft and pristine white back cover, the Lumia 830is a work of art that reminds us of why we once loved Nokia. Though, its makers insist on us using Microsoft devices, we follow our heart ...

Moto G 2014 v. Nokia Lumia 730 – Comparison Shows Lumia 730 Has More

Meanwhile, the Nokia Lumia 730, dubbed as the selfie-centric phone, is one of the newest budget smartphones that was announced during the IFA event. It features impressive specs that can threaten the sales of Moto G 2014. Here is a comparison between ...

Microsoft officially dumps Nokia in favour of Lumia

Microsoft is set to officially drop the Nokia brand in favour of Microsoft Lumia. The move has been expected for a while, with internal documents leaked last month explaining that the Redmond company would be ditching references to both Nokia and Windows Phone. Now Microsoft has confirmed to The Verge that the change is official. This means that in future there will be no Nokia Lumia handset ...

O2 UK Seeding Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 for Nokia Lumia 930

O2, UK's second largest mobile telecommunications provider, has confirmed the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 for Nokia Lumia 930.

Nokia Lumia 530 (T-Mobile)

The Nokia Lumia 530 is a very inexpensive, entry-level smartphone that's best for light users.


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