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Nokia Recalls Tablet Travel Chargers Due to Electrocution Hazard

The plastic cover on the charger's exchangeable plugs can loosen and separate, exposing components. Travel chargers used on Nokia Lumia 2520 tablets.
Lumia 1520


Nokia Lumia 530 and Nokia Lumia 1320 hands-on and compared The Nokia Lumia 530 and Nokia Lumia 1320 are the little and large of the Windows Phone 8.1 family, with the Lumia 530 based around a 4-inch display, while the Lumia 1320 clocks in with an amazing 6-inch screen. It's not the only difference as you'll ...

Microsoft Devices Lures Customers With Insurance Coverage On Lumia 930

Vanguard: With the introduction of insurance cover in Nokia Lumia 930, Microsoft Devices may have deepened competition in the smart phone ecosystem. Just last weekend in Lagos when the device was formally introduced in the Nigerian market, Mansard Insurance's ...

Nokia Lumia 930 review: smarty

TechCentral: Microsoft's new flagship, the Nokia Lumia 930, is a superb piece of technology, running a great operating system. As with all Windows Phone devices, though, a significant drawback remains the lack of support by some application developers. By Regardt ...

Three goes hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 735 The Lumia 735 also has the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim, which includes folders to make it easier to organise your Live Tiles and more excitingly it finally brings Cortana to the UK, allowing you to speak requests for a variety ...

Nexus 5 vs Lumia 1020 – Is it just the camera?

Load The Game: The Nokia Lumia 1020 and Nexus 5 were two of the most prized devices of 2013 and still are the favorite handsets of many tech enthusiasts out there. The Nexus 5 was launched by Google in October 2013, whilst the Lumia 1020 was launched in July last ...

Nokia Lumia 620 vs. Samsung Galaxy Core – Top Specs and Features

The Fuse Joplin: The smartphone may have failed to gain the flagship variant status, but the handset remained a regular source of income for the company for a long time. It is a handset that the people identify with the brand Nokia. The Nokia Lumia 620 handset features ...

Nokia Lumia 930 review: A cheaper alternative to iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5

The National: While Nokia is increasingly focusing on the lucrative mid-range and budget smartphone segments, it hasn't by any means abandoned the high-end market. The Lumia 930, launched in the UAE in July, is one of the latest in the company's attempts to compete ...


Lumia 620


Lumia 920


Lumia 820



New Iphone


Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy Note 3


LUMIA 920..

Counterclockwise: iPhones, Lumia 920, Android KitKat Welcome to Counterclockwise, our weekly trip down memory lane. It's good to look back at years past to put new events into context. This year was, of course, defined by the iPhone event and so were the two years before that. Actually, the second week ...

Microsoft Might ‘Kill’ Windows Phone

Steve Kovach/Business Insider The Nokia Lumia 920 Although Microsoft purchased Nokia’s mobile division in April for $7.2 billion, we’ve still seen devices released under the Finnish smartphone-maker’s brand over the past several months. That could all change very soon, however. According to a reportedly leaked document obtained by tech blog Geek On Gadgets, Microsoft will soon remove both Nokia ...


Nokia and Windows Phone Brands Ditched: Future Lumia Smartphones and

Microsoft, which acquired the Services and Hardware business of Nokia, last year, is now seemingly looking at dropping the Nokia brand name for good, beginning with the upcoming Lumia devices of the Redmond-based company. According to a report ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Nokia Lumia 1520 vs LG G Pro Lite - Top Specs and

The Fuse Joplin: Today's smartphone market is so over-saturated that it is very hard to choose a smartphone if you're in the need of a new device. There are a lot of great choices, and the determining factors behind your choice are many. There are also different ...

Nokia Lumia 830 hands-on review (blog): In a bid to take on Samsung and Apple, Nokia released its Lumia 830 at IFA in Germany earlier this September, at its first event as part of Microsoft after the Redmond firm bought Nokia's devices division a year ago. The Lumia 830 adds to the firm's ...

Best Nokia Lumia 1520 SIM free price deals September 2014 The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the heavy-hitter of the Lumia family, with its 6-inch Full HD display and Windows Phone 8.1 OS. What's more, you now pick one up for for a very reasonable price. Check out the best Nokia Lumia 1520 SIM free deals for September ...

Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM Price, Specs, Release Date : Three Reasons Why I Like It

Of the three smartphones that Nokia announced at IFA 2014 in Berlin last September 4, 2014, Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM is my favorite. And I like it because of three reasons: 1. It looks hip and cute. 2. It gives great value for your money. 3. It ships with Nokia Lumia Denim update and bears the legendary strengths of Nokia products. Simple Yet Interesting Design Although it doesn't have a metal ...

Nokia and Windows Phone Brands Ditched: Future Lumia Smartphones and Other get 'Unified Windows' Branding

Watch out for the unified Microsoft Windows platform.

Nokia and Windows Phone Set to be Gone for Good: Future Lumia Smartphones and Unreleased Devices to get 'Unified ...

Microsoft, which acquired the Services and Hardware business of Nokia, last year, is now seemingly looking at dropping the Nokia brand name for good, beginning with the upcoming Lumia devices of the Redmond-based company.


Microsoft launches the Lumia 830 in Vietnam, available next month

Microsoft today held an event in Vietnam to launch the recently released Lumia 830. The more affordable mid-range smartphone matches the latest in Lumia design (the Lumia 930) with advanced components to produce a capable solution for today's needs ...

Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM Review: Windows Phone 8.1 Made Affordable

NDTV: Long before the widely praised Moto E, the fairly competent Asus Zenfone 4 or the new crowd favourite Xiaomi Redmi 1S took the budget smartphone market in India by storm, there was one phone that stood out - the Nokia Lumia 520. This phone was a ...

See how you can share everything that's on your Lumia screen with this handy

WinBeta: Windows Phone powered Lumia devices are fantastic, primarily because of their camera and video recording quality. Let's say you record a video or take several shots of your kid's volleyball game and you want to share it with friends or co-workers ...

Microsoft to Drop Nokia to Launch Microsoft 'Lumia' Brand

According to an internal document obtained by GeekonGadgets, the last Nokia devices to carry the Lumia brand are Lumia 830 and Lumia 730. The report also stated that Microsoft intends to remove the Windows Phone OS brand in its advertisements to ...

Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM Review: Windows Phone 8.1 Made Affordable

Microsoft strengthens its position in the budget smartphone war with the Lumia 530 Dual SIM running Windows Phone 8.1.

Nokia Lumia 730 And 830 Hands-On: Windows Phone On A

That's where the Lumia 830 comes in. For 330 euros off-contract, roughly $US435, the Lumia 830 unapologetically copies its flagship cousin. Microsoft's not playing coy about that: marketers are calling it the “Affordable ...

iPhone 6 Plus Vs Lumia 1520 Spec Comparison

The only Windows Phone device which we can compare with iPhone 6 Plus is Nokia Lumia 1520. Even though Nokia Lumia 1520 was announced a year back, it still stands strong against iPhone 6 Plus in key areas. Find the ...


Nokia Lumia 530 review (Tech): Nokia got the ball rolling back in December 2012 with the Lumia 620. The 625 followed about six months later, and added 4G and a bigger screen to the mix. Then in February last year, Nokia announced the Lumia 520, which managed to undercut both.

Nokia Lumia 530

PC Pro: The Nokia Lumia 520 was a revelation when it first appeared. Its combination of good-enough performance, a top-quality screen and good looks made it one of our favourite budget handsets, and so it remained until the Motorola Moto G stole its thunder.

Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM First Look: Just an Average Affair

Gizbot: The era of good old feature phones may have gone by, but Nokia, after a generation of success, still continues to search for its real identity. While the Nokia Lumia 520 seemed to have captured at least a sprinkling of the magic that fuelled the Lumia ...

Nokia Lumia 530

Nokia follow on from the excellent budget Lumia 520 with the Nokia Lumia 530, an even cheaper handset

UK Residents: Win A Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone

If you are from UK, here is a chance to win Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone device. Lumia 530 is the latest WP8.1 device released in the UK that comes with Quad core CPU, 512MB RAM, 4-inch display and more. ...


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